“It’s important to live the life you have rather than the one you don’t.

I’ve always been very matter-of-fact about my situation. All the whining and self-pity in the world won’t change things so you’ve got to stay strong and positive.”

– Adam Pearson

Set her og fortalt af en mand som også fortæller “I’ve witnessed all kinds of reactions to my face. There was the drunk who tried to pull it off in a club because he thought I was in fancy dress.


Dubai is the parable of what money makes when it has no purpose but its own multiplication and grandeur. When the culture that holds it is too frail to contain it. Dubai is a place that doesn’t just know the price of everything and the value of nothing but makes everything worthless. The answer to everything in Dubai is money. In the darkness of the hot night, the motorways roar with Ferraris and Porsches and Lamborghinis; the fat boys are befuddled and stupefied by sports cars they race around on nowhere roads, going nowhere. Taxi drivers of their ambitionless, all-consuming entitlement. Shortchanged by being given everything. Cursed with money.

Fra en artikel i Vanity Fair (A. A. Gill: Dubai on Empty) om et eksempel på hvordan verden kan se ud når svaret på ethvert spørgsmål er penge.